March 2020

Conçerva – Office Closure – COVID-19

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Unfortunately due to the outbreak of Covid-19 I have had no choice but to close the office for the foreseeable future. Conçerva have implemented remote working practices to ensure both the safety of our [...]

Spring Budget 2020

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Coronavirus and Your Investments

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Given the recent widely reported volatility that has swept through markets worldwide, I have asked Brian to prepare a summary of Conçerva's investment approach in unstable and unpredictable markets which can be found below. The [...]

Conçerva’s Newsletter

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Martin's Memo Tax Year End 2019/20 The end of any tax year sparks a flurry of activity in the financial services industry and Conçerva is no different. As we close in on 5th [...]

December 2019

Conçerva’s Newsletter

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Ian's Insight As some of you are aware December will be Chris Williams last month working for Conçerva. Chris founded the company around 20 years ago, laying the foundations for the successful organisation [...]

November 2019

Conçerva’s Newsletter

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Brian's Brainstorm The Woodford Aftermath The press reaction to the Woodford scandal has predictably generated more heat than light. The Financial Times said that Neil Woodford’s sacking will have consequences far beyond his [...]