May 2018

Conçerva’s Newsletter

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Brian's Brainstorm Economists have a record of getting it wrong Chris Giles, in “Economists’ rare unity highlights the perils of Brexit” (June 16), suggests that when economists reach a strong consensus, it [...]

April 2018

Conçerva’s Newsletter

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Brian's Brainstorm The Obsession With Yield It is nearly 10 years since the financial crisis heralded an era of ultra-low interest rates, while quantitative easing served to crush bond yields to implausibly low [...]

March 2018

Conçerva’s Newsletter

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Martin's Memo Tax Year End 2017/18 With the financial industry approaching one of its busiest times of the year, Conçerva would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the various allowances [...]

February 2018

Conçerva’s Newsletter

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Brian's Brainstorm The Media and Markets The newspaper industry is not what it was.  Most titles are loss making as they try to compete with free online content.  Inevitably there has been cost [...]

January 2018

2018/19 Tax Card

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November 2017

Conçerva’s Newsletter

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Brian's Brainstorm After the Rate Hike: Nothing Has Changed This month saw the first interest rate rise in a decade.  But nothing has  changed.  The reward for leaving your money on deposit in [...]